About Cultivate Now

For Individuals

Cultivate Now works with individuals looking to transition, as well as those already on their journey to a remote career. We do this by helping individuals grow and develop for a successful long term remote work career. See Finding Remote Work, Remote Works Podcast

For Remote Team and Organizational Leaders

Cultivate Now works with managers and leads of remote teams for developing culture and practices that delivers on individual engagement contributing to a projects success. See Managing Remote Newsletter, Remote Works Podcast

For Small & Medium Businesses

Cultivate Now works with small businesses in growing opportunities for effective remote collaboration and services. We do this by recommending and advising on tooling, processes, and best practices.

Cultivate Now’s History

Cultivate Now was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Sharp with the vision of assisting organizations in better leveraging resources on remote teams.

Jonathan Sharp I transitioned from my job with Union Pacific Railroad in the summer of 2008 to working from home as a freelance web developer. That transition was made two weeks after the birth of my daughter and has been one of the biggest decisions to shape my career. At the end of 2009 I partnered with a co-founder and entrepreneur to build an enterprise consulting organization. Over the next two years the organization would grow from 2 to 23 employees and contractors spread across 15 different states. At the end of 2012 I joined an enterprise project team that grew from 10 individuals to 65 when at full capacity. All of these experiences have had the common component of being part of a fully distributed team.

I believe that remote teams are a valuable tool for not just organizations but also local communities and families. Remote teams put a required emphasis on maintaining healthy relationships between team members to accomplish the purpose of the teams formation. Local communities benefit from flexible schedules, reduced traffic, and strengthened local relationships. Families are strengthened by some flexibilities in schedules and a greater balance between work and personal life.

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