Remote Teams

Remote teams and distributed teams have been gaining greater prevalence and general public awareness over the past decade and longer. Jobs which used to be geographically constrained in the past have been slowly opening up to the opportunity of remote working.

But really, what is a remote team? Cultivate Now defines a remote team as: an associated group of individuals assembled for the accomplishment of a common purpose not located physically in the same room. Really the key distinction is the, “not being physically in the same room”. By this definition a “remote team” could have all members located within different parts of the same building.

The physical requirement for connection is one that has existed since the foundation of humanity. It was first bridged by couriers (humans, birds, or otherwise) until only recently a fundamental technological advancement allowed for sound to travel great distances connecting two individuals with a (somewhat diminished) relational experience. The opportunity for real-time communication had emerged but at the loss of the relational experiences utilizing all of our natural senses.

With all of the benefits of geographic distribution, the one remaining hurdle is relational and the root of most all problems with remote teams. How can individuals learn to build relationships with limited physical interaction? This then is the purpose of Cultivate Now. We work with people to build stronger relationships over distances, explore process for providing guidance, and clarify the central purpose for the relationship. We explore all aspects of remote working and teams from individuals to management, culture and accomplishing purpose.

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